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Ryan Clapper Died on this Battlefield 6,000 miles from Iraq. He faithfully served his country in the U.S. Army during the Iraq war and was a Purple Heart recipient. He is survived by his daughter Kayleigh-Ann Clapper; his mother, Dottie King Gregory (Mike); his father, Eugene Robert Clapper (Gwen); sister, Courtney Clapper; half- brother, Thomas Clapper; step-sister, Alyssa Reynolds; maternal grandparents, Allen and Alein King; girlfriend Elizabeth Parker.

R&R™ Supports the Behavioral and Mental Health of Active-Duty Military, First Responders, Veterans, & Retired First Responders.

The STIGMA of Mental Health Counseling is the PRIMARY BARRIER to Effective Treatment for Behavioral and Mental Health, Especially PTSD. When Counseling is Mandated, FEAR Prevents HONESTY in Sessions. Lack of ANONYMITY is why existing programs FAIL. R&R™ deploys in a Confidential & ANONYMOUS Environment for Active-Duty Personnel & Veterans. ANONYMITY is essential to the success of R&R™.

R&R™ is ANONYMOUS and will never breach you anonymity unless you the user specifically request EMERGENCY INTERVENTION.

The human brain is amazing, but in the face of traumatic events functions differently. When confronted with trauma, the prefrontal cortex begins to function less effectively. Fight, fight, or freeze kicks in creating gaps in memory. Memories are encoded differently. These are NORMAL responses to traumatic events and effect everyone, including the best-of-the-best professionals.

Professionals are essential in the treatment of PTSD, but there is a severe shortage of Mental Health Professionals. If budgets were UNLIMITED, it would not matter. If there was an unlimited supply of professionals, if they haven’t been there, they will never fully understand those who have.

The combination of AI & Machine Learning allows the Virtual Life Coach to learn about each user and deliver a personalized experience. Using AI, Machine Learning Cognitive, & Psychological, R&R Military™ personalizes engagement with in-the-moment actions. The Mass Scalability of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning allow 360 to deliver On-Demand Cost-Effective Support.

A Battle Buddy lived in the same environment, fought the same demons, and worked through them. There is a pool of more than 20-million Veterans to draw from & an even larger pool of First Responders available to serve as Battle Buddies.

R&R’s HIPAA Compliant BATTLE BUDDY Messaging enables Users to ANONYMOUSLY interact with a volunteer that has successfully dealt with the stresses of service in the Military or as a First Responder.

Security Clearances are a barrier to discussing PTSD. Matching Clearances are of minimal value when a User has been Read Off a mission. Based on our interactions with Military Personnel, R&R™ coaches Users to enable discussion of events they carry, WITHOUT compromising a Classified Event.

Active-Duty Users get a head start on PTSD by dealing with their experiences while still serving with ZERO concerns about their military career future being compromised. Veterans enjoy the same level of anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy eliminating the biggest barrier to dealing with PTSD.

R&R™ indirectly probes for clinically relevant behavioral health & wellbeing information of our Users. R&R™ uses Industry-Standard Patient Health Surveys: SBIRT, DAG-9, PHQ2 & PHQ9 to assess depression & anxiety within the User population.

R&R™’s AI is not sentient, but it is able to evaluate the tone in user responses. User tone and responses to industry-standard questions can is escalation to a Live Professional.

They serve at great personal expense. They answered the call. Supporting them while on duty and after is our responsibility. R&R™ exists to foster resiliency and the skills necessary to unpack the events our warriors are trained to compartmentalize and continue on with the mission.

360 has completed the research necessary to identify a series of grants to fund the launch of R&R™ with the right partners. If you believe as we do that those that serve and protect deserve our support, please contact us so we can work together to validate the efficacy of R&R for those on Active Duty in our Military, as First Responders, and our Veterans.

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