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The 360 Solution

360 delivers by addressing four areas of your self-funded plan that drive the majority of controllable healthcare cost expenses. Using proprietary AI technology 360 presents our clients with the ultimate in mass scalability while delivering individualized personalized communication exactly the way their employees, members, each care consumer desire. 360 delivers guaranteed savings on care cost with improved outcomes, with a healthier insured population.

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Location, Location, Location

Reduce Outpatient Facility Care Cost Within Your Existing Provider Network: Using an extensive database to sort out providers by a variety of criteria that also exclude high cost vertically integrated providers you outpatient care cost can be reduced 30% or more.

Using 360 Smarter Search allows your employees or members to make better informed smarter healthcare choices.

Using In-Network providers is your quality-of-care assurance.

For larger groups, 360 can implement CSI ratings specific to your insureds as our relationship and specific-to-you-database matures.

AI Chronic Care 24/7/365

Incrementally Increase Adherence to Physician Care Plans Reducing Your Care Cost Expense. Mass Scalable Personalized Digital Therapeutics are the key to reducing care costs while improving the health of your insured population, including your insureds with multiple chronic conditions.

We can put a price on these services because there are quantifiable savings. How much more important are the events we prevent?

Examples are a 30% reduction in use of opioids for chronic pain, a 20% reductions in readmission after cardiac procedures, or a 19% increase in adherence to physicians care plans by diabetics.


To arrange a consultation call us at (917) 983-0525 or email us at [email protected]

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Our AI-Personal Health Coaches monitor those that will benefit from Human Intervention as required by clinical measures.

Our AI-Digital Physician’s Assistants are smart enough to know when to reach out to an insured’s physician’s office with the appropriate clinical metrics.

Your insured is invited to visit their physicians’ office, instead of the ER or hospital.

R.P.M. makes phone apps and hand written charts obsolete.

If you are not offering the benefits of R.P.M. to the insureds in your self-funded plan, you should be.

Digital Consumerism®

The health of your insured population is directly related to their overall well being. Digital Consumerism® , Medical Consumerism are vital to improving population health. 360 will partner with you to create videos that educate and inform.

– When to Choose Urgent Care or ER
– How to Find an In-Network Provider
– The Benefits of Using Tele-Doc Service
– Better Manage Your Health with Your Personal Concierge

You spend a fortune on employee healthcare and supporting benefits.

Our informational and educational approach will increase utilization of your existing programs and serve to reinforce the behaviors necessary to implement and execute the 360 Solution.

To arrange a consultation call us at (917) 983-0525 or email us at [email protected]

To arrange a consultation call us at (917) 983-0525 or email us at [email protected]

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