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AI-Care for the Comorbidity Cocktail : Diabetes – Hypertension – Obesity

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According to the CDC, 38% of adults suffer from hypertension. 47% percent of men have high blood pressure compared to 43% of women.

Obesity is even more pervasive with the age-adjusted prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults at 42.4%.

51.7% of all Americans had at least one chronic condition and almost 31.5% of all Americans had multiple chronic conditions.

Clinically Validated AI-Chronic Care:
Diabetes, Hypertension, & Obesity

Patient adherence to the prescribed care plan is the biggest challenge physicians face. Smart Sized programs for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity were all developed to meet clinician’s needs to improve adherence. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) combined with AI-Communications, and our Digital Physician’s Assistant are the keys to helping our clients take control and improve their health with greater adherence to their prescribed care plan. These programs were deployed in clinical studies and validated to increase adherence to an average of 74% compared to the control groups 47.3%.

In-Network Care Cost Were Not Created Equal

Vertically integrated medical care providers charge both a Professional Fee and a Facility Fee. The pricing spread within your current network will be similar to what you see in this chart. It is like playing roulette with healthcare costs. The house is the guaranteed winner. 

Smarter Search. Smarter Care Choices

It starts with Smarter Search. Our database of in-network providers excludes the highest-priced facilities for Bloodwork, Imaging, Outpatient Surgery, and Urgent Care. Using Smarter Search, your employees will save on average 40%. 

Let’s do the math. $5,769 – $414 = a Savings of $5,355 on one MRI in Buffalo New York. 

If only one of your employees accidentally uses the map, that one incident funds 52.5 employees’ enrollment cost for the year. The lowest percentage of Smart Map utilization we have seen in a group to date is 23% while the average is 44.3%. As a self-funded plan, you can calculate your Smarter Search Savings by multiplying the expense of your annual claims by 5.5%. Your result is a conservative number. 

– Reduce Your Plan’s Outpatient Care Cost Expense
– Reduce the Co-insurance Paid by Your Employees
– Reduce Your Employees Out-of-Pocket Expense
– Reduce Your Plan’s Experience Rating

With 360 Smart Sized, after years of cost-shifting to your employees to try to mitigate the constant rise of healthcare costs, you can announce you are funding 100% of the cost for a new program that will save them on average $3,000 each.

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