Medical Practices

The underlying technology for 360 is incredibly powerful and flexible. It allows us to tailor our Concierge specifically to your medical specialty and more. 360 does not force your practice to change your operation. 360 adjusts our solution to your preferred style of practice.

Our Patient Centric BehavioralRX technology addresses the biggest challenge for physicians, surgeons, and clinicians – Adherence to the Patients Prescribed Care Plan. Our HIPPA compliant bi-directional chat allows for the confidential exchange of clinical information and provides a direct channel of communication between patients and clinicians. These tools can be combined with Remote Patient Monitoring and a Digital Physician’s Assistant smart enough to notify the appropriate clinician ONLY when medically relevant.

Working from our library of solutions and with you and your key stake holders 360 will build out a Concierge Care solution that fits your practice perfectly.

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